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Dept of Transport Approved HIN Provider

We can verify or supply a HIN number for your vessel:

At Portside Marine, we can verify or supply you with a new Hull Identification Number (HIN) so you can register your vessel. Your vessel cannot be registered without in Western Australia without a HIN plate being supplied by the Department of Transport, or the manufactures factory HIN verified. This service is also called Boat Code.

Boat Code provides a means to positively identify a boat using its Hull Identification Number (HIN). Similar to a VIN used on motor vehicles.

The HIN will be verified and recorded into a national database, which is linked to WA Police Service and the WA Department of Commerce:

    • Any person trying to re-register a stolen boat will be referred to the Police.
    • Buyers of second hand boats can check the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) for any outstanding financial obligations attached to the vessel.

The security offered by the system may also help buyers get easier financing and better insurance rates from financial providers.

A HIN is required when a boat is:

    • Registered for the first time.
    • Older boats being transferred to a new owner, and a HIN has not been provided previously.

HINs for newer boats will usually be provided by the hull manufacturer. Older boats that do not have a HIN can get one from a BoatCode provider.

Both processes have to be done in person, with the appropriate proof of ownership, identification and valid HIN plates fitted to the vessel.

We offer a mobile service and we can come to your, or contact us on     (08) 9335 7233 or 041 2299016 or service@portsidemarine.com.au and book your hull in for the HIN provider services.

The HIN contains the following information, in conformance with ISO 10087:2006).

Click Here for the Boatcode Brochure

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